Kseniya Katsman

Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Student

Courses completed during the Ph.D. program

Multicultural Issues in Professional Psychology (Su2020)
History & Systems of Psychology (Su2020)
Quantitative Research Methods (Fa2020, In progress, Sp2021)
Foundations in Professional Counseling and Consultation (Fa2020)
Clinical Instruction in Counseling Process (Fa2020)
Social and Ethical Responsibility in Counseling Psychology (Fa2020)
Counseling Theory and Practice (In progress, Sp2021)
Clinical Instruction: Application of Theory to Practice (In progress, Sp2021)
Career Counseling + Practicum in Career Counseling (In progress, Sp2021)

Continuing Education Courses

Clinical Neuroanatomy – National Academy of Neuropsychology (In Progress, Su2021)