Kseniya Katsman

Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Student

Courses taken during the Ph.D. program

  • Multicultural Issues in Professional Psychology (Su2020)
  • History & Systems of Psychology (Su2020)
  • Quantitative Research Methods (Fa2020, Sp2021)
  • Foundations in Professional Counseling and Consultation (Fa2020)
  • Clinical Instruction in Counseling Process (Fa2020)
  • Social and Ethical Responsibility in Counseling Psychology (Fa2020)
  • Counseling Theory and Practice (Sp2021)
  • Clinical Instruction: Application of Theory to Practice (Sp2021)
  • Career Counseling + Pre-Practicum in Career Counseling (Sp2021)
  • Group Counseling + Pre-Practicum in Groups (Su2021)
  • Cognitive Assessment + Lab (In Progress, Fa2021)
  • Personality Assessment (In Progress, Fa2021)
  • Doctoral Practicum I: Humanistic Approaches to Counseling and Psychotherapy (In Progress, Fa2021)
  • Qualitative and Single Case Design Research Methods (In Progress, Fa2021, Sp2022)

Continuing Education 

  • Clinical Neuroanatomy course – National Academy of Neuropsychology (Su2021)